Promo Club

Statement of Intent:

Promo Club is a type of semi-structured meeting that is responsive to population size offering an open forum and platform to its participants. The goal is fostering human connection, integration, networking and culture exchange through individual participation in scheduled face-to-face social interaction.

How it Works:

Any two people can start a unique Promo Club. The novelty in the concept is that once groups of participants reach a certain population threshold (12 to 14) the club should divide into two or more cells while dissolving the original. Each member should have an equal share of the club's time to talk about whatever they would like, it is up to that individual whether they would like to speak uninterrupted or invite group participation. Clubs should be democratically run with absolutely no profit incentive or costs to participate, all participation must be entirely voluntary and at the convenience of all members. An individual may join as many Promo Clubs as they like. Membership can be granted or withheld by group consensus. Any group operating outside this structure is no longer to be considered a Promo Club but a separate entity.


How much does it cost to participate?
Nothing. There should be no cost associated with entry or participation.

Where can I find meeting time and availability?
Meetings can happen anywhere. The r/PromoClub subreddit can be used to coordinate club meetings or promote membership until this site has forum and scheduling apps. Meetings should be coordinated and promoted by individual members at times and places convenient to those who wish to join and held at a publicly accessible venues. There are many tools available for event hosting such as, Facebook Events, Community Centers, local events pages, newsletters, etc.

How are meetings run?
At a designated time, place and cadence, members should meet and provide one another the opportunity to talk about whatever they would like with an equal share of the club's time if they choose to use it, with or without input as decided by the speaker. The subject can be anything, really ANYTHING at all. Suggested meeting times should be around an hour but are subject to flex based on the will of the group. Group business and logistics can be discussed at the end of the meeting, affirming the next meeting and/or changes to the structure, but can also be discussed during any member's time to do as they will.

What should I talk about in meetings?
So glad you asked. You can present/promote literally whatever is important to you. Maybe talk about yourself, what is going on, a new subject of fascination, struggles, external events, a new candy flavor you found, the types of sand on Sri Lankan beaches. Maybe you don't even want to talk and instead spend your time showing the group a youtube video or playing music, the attention of the group members is at your disposal.

Why limit the group size?
This decentralized organizational model allows for scalable intake of new members, preservation of the individuals voice within their club(s), and the limitation of outside influence.

Isn't this called just having friends?
No, friendships are predicated on existing relationships and aren't beholden to scheduled meeting times (nor should they be), but hopefully many friendships or common interest groups may spawn as a result of Promo Club meetings. This model should function to incorporate the disenfranchised and unheard as a service with no cost.

Can meetings be held virtually?
Yes, though in-person meetings are preferred. If you can't meet in person, try to meet via video conferencing or at least audio. The point is to allow real-time opportunity for members to be heard and hear others.

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